17 Hollywood Angels With The Face To Play A Comic Book Villain

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These 18 gorgeous actresses all have faces that would lend themselves to playing both a superhero and a supervillain. 

But today, we will focus on what is never focused on: how physical beauty can still be beauty, even if it is wicked. 

The faces of these 18 knockouts could just as easily be those of the 18 comic book villains they are pictured with.

17. Rooney Mara/Catwoman

The talented Rooney Mara is no stranger to dark roles; she played the violent computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the suicidal and delusional wife of Channing Tatum who murders him in Side Effects, for example. She has also been in her share of horror films, like Urban Legends: Bloody Mary and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Therefore, it is not a stretch of the imagination to picture her as a villain, say Catwoman.

The younger sister of House of Cards actress Kate Mara is pretty in a unique sort of way. Her fair skin, blue eyes, black hair, and petite figure make her darkly enchanting in exactly the sort of way Catwoman is. Plus, she looks cat-like; I can see it. 

Rooney knows she is able to freak people out, too, a necessity for any villain, comic book or otherwise. She says of her tattooed, pierced, and all-round tough portrayal of Lisbeth Salander, “There’s a certain way people are used to seeing nude women, and that’s in a submissive, coy pose, not looking at the camera. And in this poster, I’m looking dead into the camera with no expression on my face. I think it freaks a lot of people out.”


16. Danneel Ackles/Cheetah

The wife of Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has been out of the spotlight for the last few years, but she is probably best remembered as Rachel on One Tree Hill from 2005-2009 (back then she was Danneel Harris). 

The Louisiana native and mother to one has a face that would make it easy for her to play the bad guy: the grin of a troublemaker, narrowed eyes that say more than her lips ever do, and a devilish sort of confidence. She could, for example, play the adversary of Wonder Woman, Cheetah.

Danneel may have been home raising little Justice Jay the last three years, but recently she and Jensen announced they are expecting twins, a boy and a girl, so any chance there was for her to be Cheetah (or any villain) is probably not going to happen any time soon.

15. Anna Paquin/Killer Frost

Ooh, just look at those eyes! She looks a little bat-sh*t crazy, and therefore definitely up to playing a villain. In fact, we know she can be a superhero since she played Rogue in X-Men, X-Men 2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

But based on this picture alone she could go to the dark side and play a villain. I am thinking with the blue hair and psycho face, that Killer Frost would be an appropriate likeness. 

Killer Frost is technically a term encompassing many versions of the character, but for the most part, she can turn things to ice, generate objects made of ice, and turn hot to cold. Given Anna’s ability to give people the iciest glares ever (think the snarky Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood), these two ladies pair well together. 

But whether superhero, villain, waitress, or actress, all are a far cry from her first ambition- to be Prime Minister of New Zealand, where she was born.

14. Ashley Benson/Enchantress

Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson is somewhat of a real-life enchantress, so it only makes sense that she embodies the actual villain Enchantress, too. 

Enchantress is Thor’s fellow Asgardian, and also one of his greatest enemies in the Marvel Comics. Ashley Benson looks positively mischievous when she smiles, like she is up to trouble. She is usually typecast as the pretty, popular (and sometimes mean) girl, but Ashley is up for a challenge and wants to do something different. She says, “I always get offered the pretty, popular girl roles, but I want to do something dark, really challenge myself and get out of my comfort level.” 

Luckily for her, she has the face to be a villain. The closest she came to even being in a “dark” show or film was probably the short-lived Eastwick, which is arguably more mystical than dark, and she was not a lead. It is high time this bad blonde shows us what she is made of!

13. Ruby Rose/Silver Banshee

As beautiful as Aussie actress Ruby Rose is, she still maintains a sort of tough girl image, due in part to her prison role on Orange is the New Black, in which she played Piper Chapman’s lover, Stella Carlin. The actress, model, DJ, recording artist, TV presenter, and amateur boxer would, in my opinion, make a great villainess. 

She is stunningly pretty, but you can tell she likes to be bad. I am thinking of her for the role of Silver Banshee, an opponent of Superman. Her superhuman powers include strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and in some versions of the comic, teleportation and animal communication. Her trademark “weapon,” though, is her sonic scream, which can kill anyone who hears it as long as she knows their true identity.

Ruby, who is the face of Urban Decay Cosmetics, is “genderfluid” according to her, and if she had the choice, she would rather be a male. She has been called an “androgynous Angelina Jolie”, which I am unsure if is a compliment or an insult, which is fitting since Silver Banshee appears androgynous, as well.

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