17 Female Celebrities Accused of Being Scary Skinny

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Is there such a thing as too thin in Hollywood? Yes! With the pressure to stay skinny, celebrities are under constant scrutiny to slim down and stay down. 

Whether too heavy or too thin, it seems these stars can't catch a break. But just how skinny is too skinny?

Here's a look at 16 female celebrities who have been attacked for their rail-like appearance. 

1. Theodora Richards

Richards is alarmingly thin. We would love to see this beauty gain a few pounds because she looks like she really needs to. Eat a burger a day Theodora, that should help!


2. Rachel Zoe

Maybe it's her desire to fit into the sample size clothing that keeps fashion stylist Rachel Zoe slim. The fashionista is often spotted looking rail thin while out and about.

3. Antonia Campbell-Hughes

This Northern Irish actress stirred some controversy back in 2012 when she deliberately starved herself for the role of Natascha Kampusch in 3096, a film about an Austrian girl who had been kidnapped, held hostage and starved and tortured for eight years.

Campbell-Hughes admitted to replicating Kampusch’s eating habits for the role. I guess that would mean basically eating nothing? Hopefully in future this beauty won’t go to such extremes for a movie role!

4. Allegra Versace

Italian fashion heiress, Allegra Versace, is no stranger to anorexia and being painfully thin. In 2007 her mother, Donatella Versace, released a statement confirming that her daughter was in treatment for the eating disorder.

Since then, Versace appears to be healthier. Here’s hoping she has beaten it for good.

5. Keira Knightly

Having been labeled anorexic has been so hurtful for the actress that she once told Elle UK she would never encourage her hypothetical teenager daughter to pursue acting. Whether or not the star tries to maintain her thin appearance, hopefully she will hold on to the little extra baby weight since the recent birth of daughter Edie.

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