17 Awkward Spelling Mistakes That Will Make You Blush

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Making mistakes is normal. It's inevitable and will happen all throughout our lives because we are, after all, human. Some mistakes, however, are just too funny to not laugh at.

Misspelling is a common mistake many people make. We get it, spelling can be difficult from time to time. But how grand is it when someone misspells a word that changes the entire context of the sentence? It's pretty hilarious and so we've decided to share the wealth with you.

Check out some of the worst (yet most hilarious) spelling mistakes ever below.

1. A typo on a receipt... or so we hope.

Otherwise... that's some interesting branding.


2. It is cold, but apparently not "ass cold."

What is "ass cold," anyways? Can someone elaborate.

3. Makes sense why you gotta slow down your speed.

Nobody wants to rush into porn, that's bad news.

4. C'mon, do shoplifters really deserve that?

I know they committed a crime, but that's a little cruel of a punishment.

5. I didn't know colon smelled so good.

Is it a special type of colon?

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