16 Times Celebrities Have Been Caught Photoshopping Their Instagram Pictures

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Celebrities: they’re beautiful just the way they are but that doesn’t mean they don’t try to trick us into thinking they’re just a little bit more beautiful. 

The Photoshop police have caught their photo editing faux pas! 

From Lindsay Lohan to Beyonce to nearly all of the Kardashians, here are 16 celebs who were busted Photoshopping their Instagram photos!

1. Beyonce

She’s the queen of everything, but certainly not Photoshop! Stans were not too happy when this photo of Beyonce came out with a very dramatic thigh gap.

2. Beyonce...again 

Bey is a repeat offender too! Many noticed that the stairs between her legs were warped…clear signs of some photo altering.

3. And agian

Check out the iPhone and wine glass – see how they’re both curved and warped? It’s a clear sign that Beyonce was probably touching up her thigh again.

4. And again

But nothing was as alarming as this photo of Bey golfing. Someone, ring the Photoshop alarm!

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