16 Super Strange Pair of Leggings That You Can Actually Own

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For a long time, I didn’t think leggings were an acceptable replacement for pants. 

But after years of girls just wearing them anyway, I’ve been worn down. I guess they can take the place of pants.

However, not all leggings are created equal.. some are just weird. 

As today we’ve seen the worst way to advertise plus-size leggings, let’s take a look at  some of the strangest and most WTF sets of leggings I’ve ever seen. 

1. Spongebob


You like leggings, don’t you Squidward? 

2. Cat Face


To be honest, I don’t want that cat face staring at me. 

3. Muscles


Small preference, but I think girls look better without exposed muscles on the lower part of their bodies. 

4. Iron Man


RDJ’s mouth...yikes.  

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