16 Sounds That Will Bring Tears to Every '90s Kid's Eyes

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Everyone born in the '90s looks back at their childhood with lots of sentiment.

What a decade it was! Pogs, Polly Pockets, light-up sneakers.

Here's your next fix of '90s nostalgia for you. Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy.

1. The MSN Messenger sounds

Oh, the memories of setting that perfect 'away' status!


2. The catchy Teletubbies jingle

If you focus hard enough, you can notice that Dispy dances a lot like Drake in Hotline Bling.

3. The Super Mario Bros. tune

To be honest, we still spend hours playing the game. 

4. And the grind of a floppy disk being read

It took so long to read all 3MB of data. 

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