16 Shocking Photos of Celebrities Before and After Photoshop

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For reasons I don’t quite understand, the latest weird celebrity trend has been about stars Photoshopping their own Instagram photos, or we should say all their photos. 

Yes, we all know the truth that these sexy celebrities are flawless creatures. But If you don't want your fantasies ruined, stay away from this gallery. What you'll be faced with is the shocking reality that hot celebrities are, in fact, mere, pimply mortals. 

1.Britney Spears 

2.Mariah Carey 




4.Jennifer Lawrence 


5.Kate Moss 


6.Despina Vandi 


7.Katy Perry 


8.Keira Knightley  


9.Kim Kardashian 


10.Lindsay Lohan 





12.Miranda Kerr 


13.Aubrey O’Day 


14. Angelina Jolie 


15.George Clooney 


16.Bethenny Frankel


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