16 Pics Show You Sex in the Movies Couldn’t Look More Different Than Sex in Real Life

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Teenage girls grow up with this unrealistic fantasy that the first time they have sex, it’ll be this soul-awakening, mind-blowing experience — like if all of a sudden, the world changed from black and white to color.

News flash: It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, sex is (usually) great, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be perfect. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how the movies show it: In Hollywood, sex is always sexy, always smooth, and always satisfying for both parties involved (unless you go behind the scenes).

Warning: images of censored toon sex.

1. There’s no need to actually be naked to have sex in the movies.

Bras and pants may remain on in movie sex. Scientists believe this is because movie underwear is made of a special membrane, a bit like Gortex, which lets penises in but keeps rain out.

IRL: Underwear can form a barrier to sex.

Attempting penetrative intercourse through pants will lead to disappointment and/or chafing.


2. No one wears a condom in the movies.

So boring, pointless, and unsexy.

IRL: gonorrhoea.

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