16 People Who've Deeply Confused How Things Work

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Maybe don’t do that.

1. This dude who’s actually washing his car in THE RAIN.

I mean…TECHNICALLY, it works.


2. The connoisseur behind this “lemon water” masterpiece.

“Sure, I SEE the lemons, but I don’t TASTE them.”

3. The sales clerk who just said “fuck it” while putting this display together.

“You said, ‘put the shirt ON the mannequin’ right?”

4. This guy who’s about to discover how tedious shaving can really be.

“If only there were an easier way to do this.”

5. This bar owner who maybe needs to go back to bartending school.

This Cuba libre tastes weird.

6. The person who installed these handrails and who is also probably planning on setting the building on fire.

Some people just want to see the world burn.

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