16 of the Most Disturbing Relationships in Anime

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If you use anime in order to set the standard for your real life relationships, you are going to be disappointed at the best of times and horribly abused at worst. 

Unlike actual television shows that occasionally show relationships that are at least somewhat normal, anime tends to take romance to the extremes. Either it is so unrealistically perfect that every one of your significant others will never live up to your standards or it is so bad that you will think abuse is somehow normal.

Romance anime junkies want drama, and nothing breeds more drama than bad relationships. And boy, there are plenty of bad relationships to be found throughout anime.

16. Midori Days

What isn’t wrong about falling in love with your right hand? I guess it is somehow less wrong when that hand turns out to be a girl like in Midori Days. 

Still, what is more unhealthy than developing feelings for a girl that is trapped as your hand. It is not like she can get away. 

While Midori does eventually get unhanded and put back in her body, she has no memory of her time spent with Seiji. 

This makes the fact that after a few days of being stalked by a guy she doesn’t remember even more strange when she suddenly admits that she loves him.


15. Nana

Nana is the go-to anime for romance fans that like a ton of drama. However, while Nana Osaki is actually relatively well adjusted in the realms of love and life, Nana Komatsu is a train wreck. 

Throughout the series she not only goes through multiple bad relationships, but one of her key character traits is falling in love with someone at first sight.

“Falling in love” with someone within moments of meeting them is not love, it is infatuation, something that doesn’t pan out for Hachi very well.

14. My Little Monster

The relationship in My Little Monster between Shizuku and Haru is akin to two ships passing on the water. Very briefly are they aligned, but for the most part, they spend their time on two opposite sides. 

At first, Haru likes Shizuku, and then her snippiness pushes him away. Shizuku then realizes that she actually likes Haru, and that is how the rest of the series goes. 

Basically their whole relationship becomes one trying to push the other away.

13. Toradora

As cute as Toradora is, you can’t deny that there are a few things wrong with the relationship between Taiga and Ryuuji, at least at first. 

Ryuuji is fine, but it is Taiga that is the problem. Her verbal and physical abuse gets out of hand way too often.

As someone who has trouble being honest with her own feelings, often hiding them behind violence, it can make for a bad relationship down the line. 

However, by the end of Toradora, Taiga does seem to come to terms with it more.

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