16 Odd Celebrity Marriages You May Completely Forgot About

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9. Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Marriage Length: 14 months

Weirdness: The two divorced after having conflicting schedules and disagreeing about when they should have a baby. Since then, Katy claims she hasn't spoken to Russell, who is now expecting a child. 

10. Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen

Marriage Length: Eight months

Weirdness: Elisabeth called her marriage to the "Portlandia" star traumatic. Fred, who has been divorced three times, even admitted that he is a "terrible husband." Yikes. Watch out, ladies. 

11. Aaliyah & R. Kelly

Marriage Length: 90 days

Weirdness: She was 15 years old. I'll just leave it at that. 

12. Lisa Marie Presley & Nicolas Cage

Marriage Length: Three months

Weirdness: The only thing weirder than King of Rock n Roll's daughter with Michael Jackson is the fact that she married Nicolas Cage and became his "National Treasure." 

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