16 No-Nonsense Signs That Are Clearly Messing With You

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There seems to be signs in roads, buildings, fences, and just about everywhere warning us of all the risks around us. 

In a way, it is very comforting to know there is always someone going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our safety. Except, this series of signs seem to be mocking us more than trying to help the common man.

1. What this sign is saying is that you can cross with your horse unless you have a headless horse than it's no.


2. Since there is no line across the circle, one can assume playing the guitar, putting feet on the seats, and cutting part of the seat is totally ok.

3.This does not spell out danger. It actually looks like the person is having fun.

4.There are cows in the area who can see you trying to get frisky with the sheep.

5. This is the street where high-heeled shoes go to die.

6. When the human is much more ferocious than any dog could ever be.

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