16 Most Awkward Stage Fails From Your Favorite Pop Stars

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These stars were made for the stage, but that doesn’t mean that the stage is always the best place for them.

From celebrities being groped to forgetting the lyrics to their own songs, these are  16 of the most cringeworthy on-stage fails that are impossible to forget.

1. When Lady Gaga flashed her crotch during "Venus" with NO SHAME

2. When Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe winner and will forever be mocked by the Internet

Steve's blunder caused him to be the butt of Internet memes and running jokes after he announced Miss Columbia as the winner of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, when it was really Miss Philippines. 

3. When Taylor Swift's ankle was grabbed by a crazy fan and she gave him this dirty look 

She actually shook it off like a pro. 

4. When Ashlee Simpson's was caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live" and blamed it on her band for playing the wrong song

And this was essentially the end of her career. 

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