16 Lazy People Who Took "Can't Be Bothered" to Extreme Levels

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Every person has a little bit of laziness in them. Sometimes, it's not something we can control. 

Even though you know you should be doing something, you can't help but to lay there and do absolutely nothing. It can spring on you from exhaustion or it can come out of nowhere.

Some people, however, are so incredibly lazy, that they've created shortcuts for themselves. Others call these people extremely lazy but I call them brilliant. Take a look for yourself and be the judge.

1. Who ever said walking your dog meant you had to walk as well?

Just because your dog is getting exercise it doesn't mean you need it too.


2. The epitome of what "good enough" looks like.

Now you've got a disco ball of lights!

3. Sometimes stretching out your arm really long is better than actually getting up.

It may take longer to cook whatever's on your skewer but at least you don't really have to move.

4. Honestly the best way to surf the Internet.

It must suck whenever he needs to get up to use the bathroom though.

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