16 Killer Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Help You Slay The Game This Year

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Halloween is the one time of year when you can really got nuts with your look without judgement.

Finding the perfect costume is important, but you can't neglect your face! Whether the cosmetics you use are a supplement to your killer outfit or the focal point of your spooky ensemble, you'll never believe how realistic and stunning Halloween makeup can be.

These 16 scary-chic looks will help you bring just the right amount of terror this year.

1. Here's a transformation that will let you be both the life AND death of the party.


mini melting skeleton tut! Full video is on YT! Used @mehronmakeup to create this look! Song: TWRK- living room

desiperkins(@D E S I • P E R K I N S)发的视频 ·2016-10-4,17:05 PDT


2. You can become the vampire from your worst nightmares.

3. This cross between a pumpkin and a scarecrow is great if you're going for something that's more spooky than downright scary.

4. Imagine staring people down while rocking this look.

5. Messing with proportions can create an effect that's truly chilling.

6. Using fake blood is always a great option.

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