16 Inexplicable Gifs That Prove How Crazy Japanese Game Shows Are

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No one does game shows like Japan does game shows. 

There's just no country that comes to the crazy, challenging, concerningly odd situations Japan puts their game-show contestants into. Like blowing a cockroach into the mouth of your opponent in order to avoid the same being done to you.

It seems like every day there is some new brand of absurd madness that we in the Western world just observe in hushed awe. 

And the following are the 16 inexplicable Gifs that prove how crazy Japanese Game shows are. Behold some of the weirdest moments to ever grace television. 

1. The candy shoe???!

2. I can't even begin to guess what's going on here.

3. Now THAT is a challenge.

4. The stocking over face?!??!???

5. This gives new meaning to the term "fast food."

6. I'm just gonna say it... if you bite a balloon, that's bound to happen.

7. ??!?!?!

8. ?!?!?!???!?!

9. The closest you'll ever get to true love... in glasses form.

10. Okay, now I'm impressed.

11. She can breathe in there, right?

12. The whipping?!?!!?!?!??!?

13.The electric [email protected]@@@!!!???

14. The powder from the butt part 1?!???

15. The powder butt part 2??????????!???

16.And the surprise slide!!!!!!???????

There are no words.

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