16 Incredibly Hot Superhero Cosplays That'll Get Your Heart Racing

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Cosplay has grown to be a huge industry, especially online. 

When you think cosplay, you usually think of some of the sexiest female comic book characters of all-time, and rightfully so. 

So here goes 16 of the sexiest superhero cosplays on the planet.

1. The Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman could not be more alluring. The subtle sex appeal of this hottie in her skin-tight suit would make any man hope to be rescued. 

Let’s just hope that she doesn’t disappear afterwards, or the man rescued would end up scouring the earth in hopes of finding her again.

2. Elektra

With their hourglass figures emerging from the fertile imaginations of comic-book illustrators, female superheroes often make for some seriously sexy cosplays. And given her striking red outfit, few are more electrifying than Marvel’s Elektra.

3. Red Sonja

Red Sonja is a feisty barbarian from the Marvel stable. Here, artist and cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean slays it with this stunning costume made out of 500 aluminum scales and a 1,000 steel rings.

4. Super Girl

In the comic-book world, Super Girl possesses super speed, super strength, supersonic hearing and various other superpowers. In cosplay, she’s simply super.

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