16 Drake Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Your Life

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Popular culture is rife with seeds of wisdom — but only if you are willing to sow them.

And another undeniable fact is that Aubrey Drake Graham is one such source of wisdom and knowledge.

If you're not done with that, we got hese 16 Drake lyrics that perfectly describe your life for you.

1. "Started from the bottom, now we're here" — "Started From the Bottom"

We all know this line and it's great because it's applicable to almost everything.

2. "We only live once, that's the motto... YOLO" — "The Motto"

Hate Drake all you want, but Drake gave us the gift of YOLO.

Actually, that might be more of a reason to hate Drake, but still. You know you have a soft spot for YOLO.

3. "I learned Hennessey and enemies is one hell of a mixture" — "HYFR"

If you've ever drunkenly fought with your friends, you know that nothing good ever comes out of a drunk argument.

Swap out friend for foe and you really have a problem.

While you might not be a Hennessey type of gal, this is surely a relateable line to live by.

4. "'Bout to call your ass a Uber, I got somewhere to be" — "Energy"

When you're out and your friend is having a drunken meltdown and you're just trying to spit game, you can pull this line out of your purse and tell your friend to take a chill pill.

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