16 Cutest Blonde Anime Girls That Will Steal Your Heart

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9. Kirino Kousaka - Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Kirino is a cute younger sister with an obvious brother complex, but she has certain tsundere tendencies that cause her to hide her true feelings by being abusive and bratty, which can drive those around her crazy. However, no matter how bossy and annoying she can be, she is still cute when she is caught off guard.

Kirino has long hair dyed light brown and blue eyes. Her back-length hair forms two fringes that curl towards her face and has two fringes that point outwards, with two long locks hanging loose on each side of her face. She prefers to let her hair untied, but uses two hair clips to secure the fringes of hair on her forehead. The rest reaches her waist. Her original hair color before she dyed it was dark brown.

10. Victorique de Blois - Gosick

Victorique has the appearance of a small, almost doll-like, girl with long golden hair and emerald eyes and a voice that sounds exactly like that of an older woman. It is mentioned once that she is 15 years old. 

Another important part of Victorique's appearance is a pipe that she smokes when thinking about something and has a voice that sounds as if it belongs to someone much more... mature? This eccentric behavior and her sharp tongue make her stand out among other female characters. She also possesses amazing detective skills!

11. Kaori Miyazono - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Kao-chan is one of the most popular blondes in anime. Her beautiful blonde hair compliments the gentle sound of her violin performance. Kaori's height was average for her age. Her body was noted as frail and seems delicate to touch. She also had long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Following her hospitalisation, Kaori's hair and skin colors began to fade. Her free-spirited style of music and positive personality serve as a source of inspiration for other characters in the series as well as fans in the real world.

12. Miria Harvent - Baccano!

Both of them seem dumb and oblivious from time to time, but they tend to show great affection for people they care about and even those they meet for the first time. Miria also seems to be a positive and cute character, able to add a little sunshine to everyone's day.

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