16 Cringe-Worthy Photoshop Fails That Are Actually Wins

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Some people use photoshop simply for a gag and the opportunity to place themselves at locations they could only dream of ever seeing. Others view it as a form of penniless plastic surgery.

Either way, it isn’t the most uncommon thing these days. In fact, it’s almost become a weird game of “Where is Waldo?” that everyone is eager to participate in and people collectively try to find even the most subtle hint of photo manipulation.  

If you’re caught, the internet can indeed be a cruel place.

1. Meet the Newest Kardashian

The long lost brother of the Kardashian family, just hanging out as usual. From what I hear, he’s the sassiest of them all.


2. Eyes That You Could Get Lost In

I too was involved in that accident and had to get eye surgery at the age of 7. My eyes are now rainbow colored and they’re completely natural, it’s not a laughing matter (joking).

3. True Love

This relationship will turn out to be something magical,  I can feel it. Yet I can’t help but wonder what’s the reason behind the purple in the picture, but I’m sure it represents something magical also.

4. Being a Hero and Laughing in the Face of Danger All at Once

Oh god, I hope they got away safely. He saved Cameron Diaz, how has he not gained recognition for this? The man is a hero.

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