16 Countries With the Most Attractive Female Soldiers

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Women today play an active and important role for the military operations in countries around the world. 

In order to celebrate this positive shift in public consciousnesses, we bring you 16 of these countries who have the most beautiful as well as the feistiest female troops.

1. Ukraine

A whopping 25% of those serving for Ukraine are women, with almost 13% of active members being women and 7% of these serving as officers. 

Though there are no are no females among the ranks of generals, Ukraine does count 12 female colonels. 

Given the low pay for much of contractual military service jobs, men have largely refused the work with 44% of the overall count thus being women. Certainly a reason to salute!


2. Sweden

In 1924 Sweden allowed women to voluntarily join the armed forces, but by 1989 female soldiers contributed to every division including combat. 

Today they make up 5% of the army. Beret and platinum pig tails optional; cute smile a must.

3. Czech Republic

Female soldiers account for as much as 11% of the Czech Republic’s military personnel.

Czech women are allowed to specialize in any area however most of them are in non-combat roles such as in administration or law.

They are seen as an integral part of the armed forces and have had particular success within the air force where they somehow make helmets look fashionable.

4. Russia

Supposedly women have been active in the Russian military throughout its history with various functions and most prominently during the Great Patriotic War. 

And then there is the Miss Russian Army beauty contest where female soldiers vie to be voted the most attractive. Hmm. We’re thinking the babe in the fury hat on the right won; at least we really like the hat.

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