16 Bridal Dress Fails That May Make You Reconsider Marriage

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The wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life.

…and her man’s too, I suppose. Though, nothing about this day is as important as the dress the woman wears. 

Brides spend months creating Pinterest boards, obsessing about the kind of dress she should wear, and storming stores so she can squash her fellow Bridezillas. 

These are 16 women who got the whole wedding dress thing just a little bit wrong.

1. This very low cut wedding dress:

We guess the cleavage's a bit too deep in that dress! 


2. She's showing way too much for eveyone!

Brides are nervous enough at their wedding, why would the designers make such an uncomfortable dress, we don't know!

3. This dress that might as well come with a shotgun

Nothing says shotgun wedding quite like having your pregnant belly protruding from the dress. That must have been an awkward reception.

4. This Vegas dancer turned bride:

I hate to judge and assume this young lady was a dancer in Vegas, but it’s very easy to imagine this woman living viva la wedding.

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