15 Worst Hairstyles Ever Seen on A Head of A Celebrity

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Sometimes celebrities get it VERY wrong in the hair department. 

From Justin Bieber’s swoop style, to Kelly Osbourne and Scarlett Johansson both trialing the mullet hairstyle. 

We look at the celebrities who wish these photos didn't exist... 

1. Dennis Rodman

Who else but Dennis Rodman deserves our number 1 worst celebrity hairstyle of all time? 

Fantastic athlete and Kim Jong-Un’s BFF, Dennis Rodman has tried every hair color in the rainbow, and then some. 

Desperate for attention? Yes. Succeeding at getting it? Absolutely.

2. Christina Aguilera

Given Christina Aguilera’s seeming inability to keep a hairstyle for more than twenty minutes, and given that a significant number of those hairstyles fall into the “What the…” category, it’s hard to pick just one hair disaster to focus on. 

3. Gwen Stefani

The only other celebrity that could give Christina a run for her money on the sheer number of hairstyles attempted, Gwen Stefani certainly took her time before settling on her now reliable platinum blonde. 

Being a rock and roll star certainly gives you liberty to try some wild things, but there’s got to be a limit somewhere. Right?

4. Kelly Osbourne

Another contender able to rival Miss Aguilera in the scary hair stakes, Kelly Osbourne has had some shockers in her time. 

While sure, it must have been tough growing up in front of the world's media, nothing, nothing, excuses these nightmares.

5. Nicki Minaj

Whether this is a wig or not really doesn’t matter because she had the gall to wear something this horrendous in public. 

Even though Nicki Minaj is known and accepted for her peculiar style, this was a fail even if its intention was to grab attention. 

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