15 Weirdest Vintage Lingerie Ads That Make You Look Twice

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Jane Pain’s new lingerie ads just has everyone checking their eyes.

Yes, you’re looking at an elbow, not someone’s boobs. Sorry!

This ad just took provocative to another level, but the ads from yesteryear are way more interesting than this.

From the Nipple Bra to the "World's Shortest Nightie", let’s take a look at the 15 most peculiar vintage lingerie ads we've found.

1. Is it cold in here, or is it just my nipple bra?

2. Lingerie Is Totally Appropriate For Woking Out In, Right?

3. We're Just Gonna Pretend Like This Barbaric, Sexist Ad For Lingerie Never Existed.

4. Just Taking A Stroll In London, Airing Out My Bra In The Wind. No biggie.

5. Remind Me Again What Cultural Appropriation Has To Do With Selling Underwear?

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