15 Weird Things That Could Only Happen in Russia

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Say what you like about Russia, but there's never a boring day.

On the web, visitors and natives share their experiences in the country of Putin, patriarchs and pelmeny. Using hashtags like #onlyinrussia, they have taken to documenting everyday experiences in a country that shows its wacky side on a daily basis —whether it wants to or not. For example, the banning meme thing is just so “only in Russia.”

And here are the 15 best  "only in Russia" moments.

1.Damn kids, let em try to rifle through my purse now.


2.Santa Claus is coming to town…on a T-84.


3.Yeah, does this bus go to Beryozovsky?


4.When this guy saw a mysterious bright orb from the sky as a total nuisance.


5.This ammo carefully hidden in this M&M’s bag.


6.This logical mail delivery.


7.The bike that would make Lance Armstrong jealous.


8.The man who knows how to fight the enemy - and the enemy is dirt.


9.But sometimes no water when needed.


10. Nature is wildly .. cultured


11.No summertime really ..


12.Plenty of submarines..


13.Alcohol is an addiction, too..


14.This Google Street View screencap.


15.And this casual drive around the neighborhood.

Anyway, enjoy these Russian stuff. You’re welcome.

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