15 Viral Pictures That Took the Internet By Storm, But Were Actually Fake

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Internet is a funny, funny place. People claim that everything on the internet is false, and yet, they almost always believe everything that gets circulated on the internet!

And some extremely clever but don’t-have-much-work-in-hand people make ample use of this gullibility of netizens. 

Their sure shot way of having a good laugh at others’ expense often includes a simple technique, posting a fake Photoshopped picture on the net and then seeing people go gaga over the fake photo.

These 15 photos took the internet by storm, and people, fools that they are, took a long time to realize that these were actually fake!

1. This fake photo of the Father of the Nation caught red-handed

Was actually a product of Photoshop. This is the original photo, where Gandhiji was with Nehru.

2. These photos ‘documenting JFK and Marilyn Monroe’s affair’ took the internet by storm upon surfacing

When in actuality, these were products of a photo-shoot done by Alison Jackson, who is famous for shooting photographs using lookalike models.

3. Just John Lennon having a jamming session with Che Guevara, right?

Sorry to disappoint you fans, this is the actual photo where Lennon was jamming with Wayne Gabriel.

4. An Indian woman gave birth to 11 babies, medical wonder, ehh

Well, not really. These are actually 11 babies all born on the same day.

5. This photo was claimed to have published by NASA and shows India during Diwali

I’m sure it perhaps looks kind of like this only, but this one, dear friend, is fake.

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