15 Unbelievably Offensive Ads You Would Never See Today

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Burger King has come under fierce criticism for advertising on "tittygram" - a Russian website which displays messages across the exposed chest of a model.

Well, that’s a bit offensive, but compared to some offensive, racist and sexist vintage ads,  Burger King’s ads are as good as gold. Or we should say today’s ads are all as good as gold.

Whether we like it or not, it is a piece of history worth seeing for everyone. Enjoy these 15 offensive vintage ads:

1.The Harder A Wife Works, The Cuter She Looks!


2. Doesn’t Your Mama Wash You With Fairy Soap?


3. Use “Chlorinol” And Be Like De White Nigger


4. Keep Her Where She Belongs…


5. Cochon Prodigue


6. If Your Husband Ever Finds Out..


7. Men Ask “Is She Pretty?” Not “Is She Clever?”


8. Show Her It’s A Man’s World


9. That’s What Wives Are For!


10. Smoking Santa


11. Blow In Her Face


12. Youngest Customers In The Business


13. Men Are Better Than Women!


14. It’s Nice To Have A Girl Around The House


15. Is It Always Illegal To Kill A Woman?


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