15 Signs That Prove You absolutely Love Spicy Food

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For people who love eating hot food, it’s not variety that is the spice of your life, it’s spice itself.

Just like there are several people who call themselves lovers of anything sweet, there’s another bunch of people who always need some extra chilli to go on with their lives.

Here are 15 signs you absolutely love spicy food.

1. What other people find spicy, you only find regular in taste

2. You always make sure you add a little extra spice to all the food you eat

Thank God for chilli vinegar and pepper.

3. Be it any kind of food, you make sure you have a few pieces of chillies by your side

4. You always take a few extra packets of hot sauce from stalls or restaurants for your food

5. Before you make a decision on where to eat, you make sure they have a good variety of spicy food

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