15 Ridiculous Celebrity Conspiracies That'll Make You Question Everything

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11. The CIA killed Marilyn Monroe

Surely you've heard about this one, and it's probably the most believable of all of these. There were a ton of rumours that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with Bobby Kennedy, back in the 1960s, and also slept with President Kennedy a couple of times.

Apparently she knew heaps of family secrets, which she kept written down in a little red book. The theory is that Bobby didn't want any secrets getting out so arranged to have her murdered, and made it look like an overdose. A couple of years ago, a Secret Service agent confessed on his deathbed that he was involved in her murder.

12. Lady Gaga was a backup dancer before murdering an artist named Lina Morgana and stealing her identity

Apparently she was sick of being just a backup dancer, so was involved in the murder of this woman, which was made to look like a suicide. Gaga apparently copied her looks and persona, and became mega-famous months later. "Monster" is supposedly about Lina's abusive ex-boyfriend, who was also involved in the murder.

13. Lindsay Lohan has a dead twin

Apparently both twins starred in The Parent Trap, but just after filming, Lindsay's sister Kelsey died in a car crash. Disney covered it up by saying that Lindsay played both roles in the movie, and her family went along with it because they're fame-hungry. And that’s why Lindsay ended up turning to drugs and booze.

14. Miley Cyrus was killed by Disney

Back in 2010, Hannah Montana ended and Miley released Can't Be Tamed. Some people may claim this was just her way of growing up and breaking free from her Disney image.

But according to theorists, the "truth" is that she was killed and replaced with a body double who doesn't give a fuck about being a role model for young girls. Some truthers believe that the OG Miley was murdered because she refused to participate in an orgy with Disney execs.


15. Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj are the same person

If you take a Nicki Minaj song and slow it right down, she sounds exactly like Jay Z. There's a whole Soundcloud account dedicated to it. Also, Nicki has talked a lot about her ~alter-egos~ and it just makes sense that Jay Z is one of them, especially because he is 100% confirmed illuminati.

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