15 Real Life Versions of Famous Weapons From Video Game And Cartoon

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Weapons used by characters in cartoons and video games tend to look really cool.

Diehard fans will do whatever it takes to get their hands on a replica version of their favorite on-screen weapon.

Now, thanks to the dedicated efforts of artists, craftsmen and the occasional weapon master, fans can bring home replicas of their favorite weapons, from cartoons like Thundercats and Adventure Time, and video games like Final Fantasy.

Here are 15 examples of cartoon and video game weapons brought to life.

1. A Sword Too Big For The Average Soldier - Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword

The massive Buster Sword is wielded by the star of Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife, and it's so big that few thought you could wield such a behemoth with much accuracy in real life.

However, replica weapon maker extraordinaire Tony Swatton, a.k.a Man At Arms, not only made a real steel Buster Sword, he started cutting things with it, wielding it like a total boss.

Tony is a big guy, but this sword is as tall as he is and so wide you could use it to part the Red Sea!

This is the largest sword Tony and his crew have ever made, but that didn't stop them from taking turns chopping stuff up with this epic scale sword.

2. This Shield Is So Shiny! - Legend Of Zelda Hylian Shield

Video game franchises don't come much more classic than The Legend Of Zelda series, and as the graphics improved so did the look of Link's weapons and armor.

The Hylian shield from the The Legend Of Zelda game Twilight Princessis described as being “a big, heavy shield like the ones used by knights."

3. The Key To Opening A Gamer's Heart - Sora's Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts

Disney cartoons and the Final Fantasy video game franchise collide in the Kingdom Hearts series, where Square Enix style characters meet dark and deadly versions of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and other popular Disney characters in a realm under attack by the Heartless.

The main character Sora wears Mickey Mouse style red shorts and cartoony shoes, and carries a very iconic blade shaped like a key.

The Keyblade was brought to life by Man At Arms, and looks exactly like the original, but Tony gave it something that the Keyblade in the game doesn't have – sharp edges.

Now, even though it looks like something out of a cartoon, it can chop through wood – and bad guys –  like a champ.

4. Pretend To Open Doors To Another Dimension - Aperture Portal Gun

The Portalvideo game franchise bends the rules of time and space with spaced out gameplay that tasks the player with completing puzzles and overcoming obstacles by opening portals using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or a Portal Gun for short.

5. Cleave Monsters In Style - Skyrim Orcish Battleaxe

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of the most popular fantasy themed video games of all time, not only because of the amazing graphics and incredibly exciting gameplay, but also because of the dark fantasy setting which is full of orcs, dragons and giants, among the other creatures that go bump in the night.

Man At Arms decided to construct a brutish weapon big and badass enough to satisfy an Orc's crude sense of style – the OrcishBattleaxe.

Tony paid attention to all the little details that make it look like it was made by an Orc, including the use of leather strips and a buffalo knuckle, but he also made sure to keep it functional, and it chops through bone and wood like nobody's business.

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