15 Most Revealing Moments in Women's Sports That Will Make You Blush

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6. Kerri Walsh Jennings,Beach Volleyball

The ‘uniform’ for this sport, usually played in the blazing sun in tropical places, is fitting for the climate as it is a sports bra and Brazilian cut bikini bottoms leaving little to the imagination. 

The teeny tiny bottoms happened to slide down during a dive once on the court, which makes her crack our list at  6.

7. Elizabeth Phillips, UFC

UFC is another rather touchy-grabby sport in which little clothing equals better performance for both parties. 

8. Flavia Zoccari, Swimming

The top Italian swimmer experienced the end all to be all of wardrobe malfunctions. 

9. Legends Football League

Lingerie Football League was always going to end in tears.

10. Gabriela Sabatini, Tennis

Gabby Sabatini never wore a bra so this was to be expected.

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