15 Hottest Women That Batman Has Slept With

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In the world of superheroes Batman is arguably the most famous. There is something about his brooding countenance, and the fact that he is powerful and vulnerable all at once, that makes him extremely appealing to fans.

There is, however, another group of people that get into that whole “powerful, brooding and vulnerable” thing in a really big way. That’s right, I’m talking about the ladies. Women simply can’t resist a guy that is complicated, and Batman has that going on in a big way. 

And here are the 15 hottest women that Batman has slept with.

15. Bekka

Bekka is a New God of Genesis, and made her first appearance in a comic around 1985. Part of her powers as a God is being the God of love, so basically she is Cupid. 

Batman falls under her spell, but apparently whenever Bekka put someone under a spell so they could not resist her, it meant that she could not resist the other person either. So in other words, it is pretty much the worst power ever. What is the point of making someone fall under your power if you fall under their power too? 

Regardless, this all meant that Batman and Bekka did the deed a few times, and also there is no doubt that Bekka is rather hot, so she belongs on this list. I wish I could find a chick as hot as Bekka to put a spell on me.


14. Black Canary

You may remember Black Canary from All Star Batman and Robin; if you don’t, I can’t say that I blame you, it certainly was not the best Batman comic ever. 

At one point Batman is possibly slaughtering a bunch of punks by starting a fire on the docks. Black Canary shows up and watches for a bit, then gets totally turned on by what she sees. The two of them end up doing it in an alley, and they leave their costumes on because they say that it is better that way. 

Now I am all for chicks that are into some weird stuff, but I have to say that normally when a relationship starts this way, it does not end with the woman meeting the parents and wedding bells. This relationship was no exception- it did not last long.

13. Rachel Dawes

Rachel Dawes is purely a product of the Batman movies, and never appeared in any of the comics. 

She first came to life as part of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Rachel is the childhood love of Bruce Wayne and is one of the only people that gets what he is really about. Of course, this turns into a huge problem; it kind of has to right? Bruce loves her but she doesn’t know he is Batman. Oh, the problems of a superhero. All you are hiding from your wife is that you get turned on watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer; can you imagine trying to hide a secret as big as this? 

Rachel dies in The Dark Knight, which of course makes all of Batman’s worrying a moot point. You know, because she’s dead and everything.

12. Jezebel Jet

Jezebel Jet was one of Batman’s more intense lovers, and their relationship has an ending that was rather intense as well. She and Batman had a lot in common. She was also quite rich and had lost her parents when she was a child- she even had a secret identity, just like Batman. 

The only problem was that it turned out her secret identity was as an agent of the Black Glove Association, and she was up to no good when it came to Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not to worry though, before she got too far in her plan, another villain decapitated her. 

Isn’t that always the worst? You meet a new girl and things seem to be going great, then one day you go to pick her up for a date and someone has cut her head off. I hate it when that happens.

11. Zatanna Zatara

What could be hotter than a gorgeous superhero dressed up as a magician? Okay, lots of things, but still Zatanna was pretty darn hot. Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman in 1964 and was a pretty powerful sorceress who could do all sorts of things- except getting Batman to fall for her, apparently.  

This is one where we are going to have to guess whether they actually did it or not, but I still say they did. Zatanna is totally hot and was throwing herself at Batman all the time. 

In return Batman said that he liked her but that he “cared too much about her” to get seriously involved. We all know what that means. That is guy code for “friends with benefits.” Basically Batman liked Zatanna enough to have some fun, but not enough to put a ring on it.

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