15 Hottest Famous Ladies Who Love Wearing Tank Tops

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There’s something about a tank top that brings out the heat in a woman. Especially a hot and famous one. 

Sure, it’s great seeing ladies in expensive dresses and swimsuits, but a tank top is something else. A tank top looks astounding on a hot woman and several ladies specialize in being seen in them a lot. 

Here are 15 of the hottest famous ladies that love wearing tank tops and show just how effective it is on the right body.

15. Taylor Swift

Swift tends to stick to tank tops and looks truly fantastic with her blond hair and pretty face still seeming very appealing no matter what angle she is photographed at. 

Swift has a wonderful mix of humor and silliness that comes out in her performances to go hand in hand with her natural assets. Swift is far more a sexy presence than she is given credit for and her shots in a tank top prove that.


14. Rihanna

True, Rihanna has had rough times (her infamous relationship with Chris Brown), but has come out stronger without losing even an ounce of her sex appeal. Of course, that includes wearing a tank top quite a lot when going out and about, dressing down instead of slipping into her more unusual outifts. 

Her dark skin adds a nice exotic flare to her outfits so even when she is dressed down for the gym, Rihanna looks amazing. It helps that she’s in astounding shape, with both a toned rear and legs which gives all of her fans a thrill. A songstress with a wicked side, Rihanna makes a tank top a great fashion statement.

13. Megan Fox

She introduced herself to the world when she wore a tank top with jean shorts in her breakout role in the first Transformers movie, making her a total super star. With her dark hair, gorgeous looks, and pursed lips, she’s been compared to a young Angelina Jolie, but hotter in street clothes.  

Now that she’s a little older, she’s a bit more settled into motherhood and not as much into “sexpot” roles as in the past. Still, the sight of her walking in a tank top is always good for the paparazzi and Fox looks amazing in them. If ever a woman embodies her last name to the fullest, it’s Fox, and a tank top is sure proof of that.

12. Kaley Cuoco

Since 2005, Cuoco has been a regular face on TV as Penny on the smash hit The Big Bang Theory, giving her fans something to hope for at least once a week. At first, as the sole girl with top billing on the show, she had a chance to wear a lot of the sexy stuff and a tank top has often been her costume on the show, not quite grasping the effect it has on the nerd neighbors. 

Cuoco carries that over in real life, staying in excellent shape and looking amazing in paparazzi photos. Whether for her show or just walking around, Cuoco shows that her in a tank top can be a big deal anytime.

11. Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens goes to a tank top as her usual outfit quite a lot and even dressed down looks incredibly steamy. Throw on dark glasses and it looks even hotter with her black hair adding to some fun looks. 

Hudgens may enjoy showing off her amazing singing voice, but the rest of her body is just as hot to back her looks up.

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