15 Hottest Daughters of Famous Athletes That Have Everyone Talking

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11. Rachel Bradshaw (Terry Bradshaw)

Rachel Bradshaw is the daughter of Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. She is not only just beautiful, but she’s smart, too. 

In 2006, she graduated from high school and started pursuing music professionally, while also attending Belmont University in Nashville. Once she graduated she was signed by Bigger Picture Group. Her dream of singing in front of millions of fans became a reality for her when her music career took off and she went on tour with Josh Turner as an opening act. After she got off tour, she also appeared on Nashville; a reality show based on musicians trying to make it in Nashville. 

Nowadays, unfortunately, she is a widow to her late husband Rob Bironas; former Tennessee Titan but luckily her music keeps her remaining very strong. She is still performing country songs. She tries her best to keep a low profile; she just hangs out with her family and her dog.

12. Gina Carano (Glenn Carano)

You may know Gina Carano from being an actress but before she got her stardom she was a former MMA fighter. 

She’s the daughter of Glenn Carano; he was a backup for the Dallas Cowboys. During her career she did some modelling, she appeared in various fitness magazines, she also appeared in ESPN’s annual Body Issue and Maxim magazine. In 2008, she was ranked fifth in the Top 10 Influential Women, after that people were approaching her left and right. 

She made her first film debut in the film Haywire and she earned a nomination for best actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards. She starred in the role as Angel Dust in the Marvel Comics film Deadpool and after that film came out, everyone knew her name. 

Nowadays, she is a very successful actress; she has several movies coming up in the forthcoming year. As for her personal life, she is currently still in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend Kevin Ross.

13. Leigh Mayock (Mike Mayock)

Leigh Mayock is known as the daughter of Mike Mayock; who was a defensive back with the New York Giants, a writer and an analyst for the NFL (National Football League). 

You may recognize this beauty from her appearance on NBC Sports. She attended all the football games and got to know the sport very well. She learned everything there is to know about football and later on decided to make it her career. She got a job being a sports journalist and then worked at Fox Sports and the Minnesota Vikings. 

Nowadays, she is still working in sports broadcasting and PR. If you want to keep up with this beauty she has a website that she updates frequently. If you enjoy watching a hot blonde interview your favorite athletes, you’ll want to check out her site.

14. Alyonka Larionov (Igor Larionov)

This Russian beauty is the daughter of the Igor Larionov, a professional ice hockey player, known as The Professor. 

Growing up, it wasn’t always easy for her because she had to live up to the legacy her father built, but she did try to make a name for herself. At one point in her life, she thought that she can be a singer; she auditioned for Season 7 of American Idol. She made it through the Hollywood round, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the Top 24. 

After trying to pursue different avenues as a career, she realized that she always had a love for fashion and art. Nowadays, she attends The Art Institute, where she majors in fashion retail management. 

She is still very much involved with hockey; in fact, she is working as a video host for Pens TV, which you can see on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ website.


15. Jasmyn Wilkins (Gerard Wilkins)

This pageant beauty is the daughter of former NBA superstar Gerard Wilkins. She grew up in the limelight because her father played for the New York Knicks, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Vancouver Grizzlies, and the Orlando Magic. 

Not only does she have beauty, but she also has brains. She graduated high school with academic honors and attended Clemson University in South Carolina. 

After she graduated from university she found a new love and that was competing in pageants. In 2012, she competed in Miss Georgia USA pageant; which was also her first pageant experience. She made her family gleam with excitement when she came in fourth place.

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