15 Hottest Daughters of Famous Athletes That Have Everyone Talking

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6. Alexa Flutie (Doug Flutie)

Doug Flutie’s daughter Alexa made headlines for becoming a finalist for the New England Patriots’ cheerleading squad. Her father was a legendary quarterback and an inspiration to a lot of fans. She grew up in the limelight because of her father, and because of Doug, she had many opportunities given to her. 

During her career, she was a San Diego Charger Girls and decided to leave to become a New England Patriots cheerleader. 

Besides cheerleading, Alexa has bigger dreams and goals for herself, she stated in an interview: “My main goal is to perform and go on tour with some kind of pop star or something along those lines.” “I would love to perform with Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson.”

7. Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan)

You may know Brooke Hogan from being the daughter of legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. Growing up she was surrounded by fame and fortune at an early age. She grew up in a very loud, crazy household filled with a camera crew and her dad’s famous wrestling friends.

She got used to the cameras because her family had a reality television series on VH1 called Hogan Knows Best. During the filming of the show, her first album, Undiscovered, was released and did very well. Her single “About Us” entered the top forty of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

She starred in her own reality television show called Brooke Knows Best as well as a few films such as 2 Headed Shark Attack, Sand Sharks and The Dean’s List. In 2005, Brooke released her first alternative country track titled “Girlfriend” on iTunes following her EP. Her dream is to go on tour and be a super successful artist.

8. Avery Schlereth (Mark Schlereth)

This beauty is the younger daughter of retired Denver Broncos offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth. 

Avery was always known as the prettiest daughter in the family; she began modelling at an early age. She modelled for Hard Ninety athletic wear, Product of Privilege clothing company, Trice Jewelers Catalog as well as many others. 

Modelling wasn’t her only passion; filming began to take center stage. She directed a commercial for E! News, she starred in a few reality television shows and she also starred in some ESPN webisodes alongside her father. 

She’s currently pursuing a career in acting and hopes to be on the big screen one day. Nowadays, she is still going to auditions for film and television shows while going to model castings. Her goal is to be a successful model and actress and to have her name plastered everywhere. You can catch her on social media she’s very active on Twitter and Instagram.

9. Brittny Gastineau (Mark Gastineau)

Brittny Gastineau is the daughter of Mark Gastineau who was a defensive force with the New York Jets. 

She is a model, socialite, and reality television personality. During her career, she signed with the Elite Model Management and became a model as part of their celebrity division. 

She starred in a plethora of television shows including The Gastineau Girls, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, and Top This Party. She even made a few appearances on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as MTV’s The Hills and MTV Cribs. This beauty can’t even keep up with her own schedule half the time because she is so busy.

10. Jordin Sparks (Phillippi Sparks)

Jordin Sparks is best known as a singer, songwriter, and winner of American Idol’s sixth season. What you didn’t know is that Jordan is the daughter of New York Giants veteran cornerback Phillippi Sparks. 

Growing up, Jordan loved singing. It became her hobby, and then her passion. Her dream was to be on stage in front of millions of people. Who knew that her dream would become a reality? She auditioned for a television show called American Idol and sang her heart out every week while America voted to keep her safe. After winning the competition at just 17 years old, her career took off. 

Along with singing, she also pursued an acting career, and she even starred alongside the late Whitney Houston in the film Sparkle. Nowadays, she tries to stay out of the spotlight since her public breakup with singer Jason Derulo. She is currently still acting and performing but enjoys keeping a low profile.

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