15 Hottest College Cheerleading Squads of 2016

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Las Vegas has always been one of our favorite cities in the world, but we’ve always wondered if living there when you turn 21 would be a good thing or not. The best answer would probably come from one of the 28,000 students who attend the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. 

4. Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU is located in Richmond and had a total enrollment of just over 31,000 in 2015. It’s not too pricey if you’re from Virginia, but anybody looking to attend from outside the state should be prepared to drop over $30,000 per year for an education.

3. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is one of those schools that takes its cheerleading and dance seriously and the results are obvious when you take one look at the talent on the school’s Pomline. The team’s website is probably the best out there for any college team of its kind. 

2. University of Oregon

If we had to pick one school that consistently turned out hot cheerleaders and dance team members years after year, it’s not a hard choice. Oregon’s ladies are simply the sexiest. The girls may be hotter than most schools, but the dance moves nor costumes are.


1. Weber State University

The Weber State Wildcats may have finished the 2016 football season with a 7-5 record, but for cheerleader sexiness in a single photograph, this one gets a 10-0. What can we say? We want to party with these girls. 

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