15 Hottest College Cheerleading Squads of 2016

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Any cheerleader or dancer that wants to play down or ignore the fact that a huge percentage of their appeal has to do with their sexiness as direct result of showing so much skin is delusional. 

It’s the biggest reason the sports haven’t been taken seriously for so long. That said, the world is finally easing up on how it views power and sexuality and a beautiful woman who knows she is strong and sexy is the best kind out there. 

With this all said, we’d like to introduce you to the 15 Hottest Cheerleading or Dancing Squads of 2016. It was a very good year.

15. New Mexico State

We love us some cheerleader selfies and this one from the New Mexico State Aggies is among our favorites. Selfies show the real personality of cheerleaders, not just the false enthusiasm and dead-behind-the-eyes Pavlovian chanting that comes with their hobby. 


14. Oregon State

For a state that isn’t a hotbed of excitement, it sure does churn out some beautiful cheer and dance squads. You’ll meet the Ducks from the University of Oregon later. These ladies are the Oregon State Beavers at one of their practices. 

They actually look way hotter here, sporting what you’d bump into them in the gym wearing, than with their orange and black uniforms. 

13. Santa Clara University

If you want to be a dance team member with Santa Clara University in California, but you happened to be from outside of the state, get ready to drop nearly $200,000 for your four years of education. 

This dance team is so full of hot ladies that they have their own Instagram page with plenty of more photos of this beautiful squad with our favorite being the bikinis-on-the-beach shots. 

12. East Central Community College

ECCC, located in Decatur, Mississippi has a lot of lovely ladies in its dance squad, the Centralettes, as this picture illustrates. Unlike its much smaller cheerleading squad, the Centralettes are not considered part of an athletic team since they perform with the school band, known as the Wall O’ Sound. 

This diversified group, which also includes a color guard and drum majorette squad, is the largest student activity at ECCC, with around 100 people participating in one form or another. But trust us, the Centralettes are the sexiest part of the Wall O’ Sound.

11. Oklahoma University Twirlers

We’re going to break the rules quickly and include not just a cheerleading or dance squad. May we introduce to you the Alabama Crimsonettes baton twirling team. Technically, they are part of the school band, but they’re way closer to being a dancer than an instrument player. 

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