15 Hottest Christmas Cosplays to Keep Things Jolly This Winter

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It's that splendid time of the year again: Christmas

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you have to appreciate the beauty of the lights and decorations put up all over the place. Of course, Christmas cosplayers help add to that jolly atmosphere, too!

Grab yourself a hot drink, snuggle up to the screen, and start scrolling to let the festivities begin!

1. Super Sonico

Jessica Nigri is well known as a celebrity cosplayer. So it is no wonder that she has gotten her hot Christmas Cosplay of Super Sonico down perfectly. 

The dress, the stockings, the garters, and yes even the hottest bust. How could you not be merry for Christmas?


2. Snowbunny Nidalee

This cosplayer went all out, as you can see. In fact, TineMarieRiis claims she bared the weather for 40 minutes to get her cosplay absolutely perfect. If at all possible the cold snow makes her look even hotter. 

3. Ino Yamanaka

Alexa-Muller is a popular cosplayer who obviously has a lot of fun with it. Her rendition of Ino Yamanaka is not only fun, but about as hot as you can get. She is rocking the traditional Ino hairstyle and look, but has definitely put a sparky Christmas spin on it. 

Hinata Hyuga, Naruto’s wife is also involved with this Merry Christmas cosplay, although you may not be able to see much of her as she is under Ino.

4. Candy Cane Miss Fortune

MelodyxNia has been doing cosplay on Deviant Art for four years. She is kind of great at it, as you can see from her Candy Cane Miss Fortune. Her bust is not quite as large as the real Miss Fortune’s, but you have to admit that it’s pretty good for a humans. 

She definitely doesn’t seem all that dangerous, although that is only as long as she keeps that Santa and not her loaded candy cane’s armed.

5. Harley Quinn

Bel Chan has made herself become a very sexy Harley Quinn Christmas Cosplay. She may be hot with a pair of busty joys to look at, but watch out because the true Harley Quinn is a bad girl at heart. There is actually a Christmas version of Harley Quinn and this cosplayer has done it just right. 

This Harley Quinn could bring Christmas joy, or danger for sure.

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