15 Hot Anime Girls All Guys Get "EXCITED" About

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Fan service is pretty common in anime nowadays and you might think that these female characters do not possess anything interesting except hot bodies, but you would be wrong. Each of them is actually quite unique which in turn makes her even hotter. 

You might disagree with our choices this time, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off this list either. Some of these anime chicks are so beautiful, intelligent and interesting that they seem to simply drive their fans crazy! 

Here are 15 of those sexy anime girls who might blow your mind. Just prepare yourself before you scroll down.

15. Revy from Black Lagoon

Everyone knows that there is no anime chick who is more badass than Revy. Also known as ‘Two Hand’, she is a Chinese-American assassin who is famous for being cold-blooded, ill-tempered, cruel and bad-mouthed. Even though her past is mysterious, it is known that she became a thief and murderer as a little girl in order to survive on the streets. 

Revy is quite brutal and merciless, which can be seen when she slaughters the whole group of people… only because they provoked her. She lusts after money and does not care about anything except her own comfort. 

Revy may come off as a very vulgar and brutal female character, but that is exactly what makes her hot. With a tattoo that covers one arm and a hot body, she can be quite intimidating but also very sexy. She is also one of the most skillful chicks with firearms that you will ever come across in anime.


14. Bishamon from Noragami

Bishamon, also known as Viina, is a beautiful Combat God with long blonde hair and sensuous body. However, do not get fooled because she might seem like a fragile and sweet blonde, but she is more than that, as her title suggests. 

In this anime, she is seen riding a lion and cracking her whip at anyone who displeases her. She also wears amazingly hot outfits such as short skits, high boots and only a bra. 

She is not only sexy because she is one of the most powerful Gods and fighters in this realm, but also because she is very loyal and dedicated to her servants… which makes her vulnerable. That is exactly what makes her so hot – her amazing fighting skills plus a soft and passionate personality. 

Make sure to go and check out Noragami if you wish to see more of this blonde beauty, you won’t regret it!

13. Nami from One Piece

There is so much to be said about the hot redhead Nami. Also known as ‘Cat Burglar’, she is a crucial member of the Straw Hat Pirates in this adventurous anime One Piece. She is famous for being quite manipulative and for always getting the final word. 

Nami is also greedy because she simply loves money – and she is not afraid to take advantage of other people in order to get to it. However, she does value friendship and her crew, she is actually a very skillful navigator without whom the whole ship would probably get lost. 

Even though she is quite hot and lustrous, she is not very adventures and prefers to avoid fighting as much as she can. With her red hair, navigating skills, and strict personality, Nami is one of the sexiest anime pirates ever, and her confident nature and amazing body bring joy to hundreds of fans worldwide!

12. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Erza is yet another powerful female warrior with red hair and brown eyes. She is very tall and busty. Her nickname is ‘Titania’ which symbolizes her magical power and strength in general. 

Erza almost always wears an armored suit which makes her even hotter; however, she can change as many magic armors as she wants due to her powers. She is known as a very strict person and comrade and she tends to be rough to anyone who does not answer her questions fast enough. 

Ezra looks the best when she is in a battle, showing off her true potential while unleashing all the magic she gets. 

She is one of those female characters who radiate with power and sexuality and the more powerful she is, the sexier she gets. Ezra is always complimented for her prowess as a warrior and we can see why.

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