15 Hacks You'll Want To Try Even If They Are Weird As Hell

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They might be weird, but they actually work.

1. Don't have a fancy chip and salsa bowl? Stick a wine glass in the middle.

The wine glass won't crush the chips.


2. Packing, but don't want to take things off the hanger? Use trash bags.

Section out clothes in trash bags so they are easy to carry. That way you won't have to hang them back up after the move!

3. Hungry, but don't want to do dishes? Put cling wrap inside the bowl or around the plate.

That's how it works.

4. Don't know where to dry all your makeup brushes? Hang them on your towel rack with tiny, elastic ponytails.

5. Tired of making multiple trips bringing in groceries? Keep one or two laundry baskets in your trunk.

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