15 Funny Anime Memes You Totally Agree With

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Anime and manga is stuffed to the brim with ridiculous reoccurring tropes.

So there’s no surprise fans of the medium unleash a fountain of funny anime memes every day.

Let’s look at the best, the most biting and the most enduring memes anime fandom has to offer.

1. Spot The Main Character

Main characters of anime tend to have unusual and colorful hair while unimportant characters have normal hair.

This trope has become so prevalent that many people have taken to playing a “spot the main character” game when it comes to anime hair.

This has also led to amusing posts about anime characters born with pink hair desperately trying to live normal lives while every magical being known to man tries to drag them into being a protagonist.

2. Bad Fansubs

Thanks to the fact a lot of anime tends not to be licensed early on in the West, most anime fans rely on other fans to add English subtitles to new anime.

But a lot of fans can get, shall we say, overzealous, when it comes to keeping the Japanese dialogue intact…to the point where they inexplicably refuse to translate some words, to hilarious effect.

The most hilarious thing about this one is “daijoubu” translates to “it’s/I’m okay”. So…”everything’s going to be it’s okay”。

Of course sometimes fansubs just translate things to sound really redundant as well. But we’d like to thank the crappy fansubs for making such good meme fodder!

3. Dying Anime Mom

This meme really took off after Attack on Titan. Fans noticed that main character Eren Jaeger’s deceased mother had brown hair in a side ponytail, just like the Elric brothers' dead mom, Trisha, in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Maybe Carla Jaeger’s design was an homage to FMA, considering it came later and Jaeger family bears other similarities to the Elrics.

But fandom soon noticed a couple other dying anime moms ALSO had side ponytails, and a meme was born.

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