15 Female Athletes Who Will Have A Hard Time Living With These Embarrassing Fails

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Athletes of all kinds are fine tuned machines. 

They train year in and year out too make sure their bodies perform at their peaks. No matter how hard athletes train or prepare their is always the possibility that they can make a mistake. 

Those mistakes can often be a source of entertainment for spectators. Female athletes are no exception to the rule. Sometimes they can experience the worst type of fails and embarrassment. 

Injuries, wardrobe malfunctions or involuntary body functions at the wrong time, these ladies will have a hard time living with these fails.

1. Ouch! That’s got to hurt! 

This Olympic jumper gave the whole stadium one up close look at her back side! Let’s just hope for her sake, her family and friends were sitting far away from the field!


2. This lifter might want to work on on her bladder control a little more

While trying to dead lift, her bladder decided to release and she urinated all over the mat. At least that’s all she did.

3. Hello? Is anyone home? Or rather, is anything going down, down below? 

This athlete seems to be a bit confused as to what’s going on beneath her leotard. Maybe she’s wondering if she put on underwear that day, or maybe she just wanted to see how high her bikini wax goes. It’s obvious she’s very intrigued in finding out. 

Whatever she’s looking for, she would be better off finding it soon, before the fans in the audience start to take notice. 

4. Oops! Now that’s what we call a real nip slip. 

It doesn’t look like this skater has any idea of what’s happening though. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be smiling as widely as she is. 

Poor girl, while she’s thinking the crowds are roaring for her double axles, they’re really roaring for her double D’s! Let’s hope for her sake, this realization didn’t take too long.

5. When orchestrating intricate designs in water only using your body things could go wrong. 

You could slip, catch a cramp or get kicked in the crotch. No matter, male or female and swift kick in the crotch is extremely uncomfortable.

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