15 Facts About Michael Phelps Will Make You Say "Holy Shit"

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With twenty-five Olympic medals to his name, some consider Michael Phelps a super human.

Well that's because he is; his arms are extra long, his lungs are double the size of a normal persons and his feet bend in ways that is unnatural.

1. Michael Phelps started swimming at the tender age of 7.


2. The first stroke he learned was the backstroke because he was reportedly afraid to put his head underwater.

3. Only three years after starting to swim, he set a national record for his age group in the 100-meter fly.

4. In 2000, the 15-year-old became the youngest American male swimmer to compete in the Olympics in almost 70 years.

5. His wingspan is longer than he is tall. When his arms are extended they reach 80 inches tip to tip.

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