15 Egregious Sci-Fi Movie Plot Holes You May Never Noticed

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11. Why doesn’t anyone wonder about Caesar and his abilities?

Never once does Frieda Pinto’s character (or ANY character) question why James Franco has a super intelligent ape just hanging out at his house. Because that was probably totally FDA-approved. Sure.

12. Why not just train astronauts to drill on an asteriod?

It’s incredibly competitive and challenging to become an astronaut, and one would think it would be easier to train them how to drill deep into an asteroid. They also have radios, which means Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck could have chatted with the astronauts and answered any questions they had. INSTEAD OF REPLACING THEM.

13. Why did humans block out the sun?

In The Matrix, humans blocked out the sun to deprive the machines of their energy source. Except that the sun is also the energy source for Earth, and without the Sun humans would have died out long before Keanu Reeves came onto the scene.

14. Are the Autobots hippies?

When the Allspark is activated, machines that it energizes immediately turn angry and evil. So are the Autobots the peace-loving hippies with weird robot genes?


15. How did the T-Rex get into the Jurassic Park visitor center?

How does a T-Rex sneak into a visitor center without anyone noticing? Did he tip-toe?

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