15 Dogs That Don't Look Like Dogs

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Most of the time, dogs are cuddly and loyal and, well, look like dogs.

However, some of the time dogs are cuddly and loyal and through a combination of genetics or extreme grooming, simply don't look like dogs.

Here are 15 of those "Wait, is that really a dog?" canines.

1. Panda dog

We would watch this dog on the Panda Cam, oh yes we would.

2. Extreme grooming camel dog

First thought, last thought, only thought: Who are the owners of this camel dog?

3. Fierce zebra dog

You are not as fierce as this zebra dog, and she knows it.

4. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a horse dog

The noble steed to many a rugged cowboy.

5. King of the jungle dog

Simba, is that you?

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