15 Disney Character That Would Be Perfect For TV Shows

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These characters “didn’t come here to make friends” because they already have plenty. Let’s face it, some Disney characters were born for reality television, but not for “Naked And Afraid.”

Here are our picks for who would do best on some of the most popular TV shows:

1.Ariel, Hoarders.


As collector of gadgets, gizmos, whozits, whatzits, and thingamabobs she is a shoo-in for Hoarders.

2.Ratatouille, Top Chef.


He’s literally spent his entire life in a kitchen. A shoo-in to win any Top Chef challenge as long as the judges don’t mind a rat in the kitchen. 

3.Rapunzel, Shear Genius. 

This show is all about hair and style. No one has more experience dealing with a lot of hair than Rapunzel. 

4.Gaston, The Bachelor.

He’s just a young man looking for love, and pretty similar personality wise to Juan Pablo. 

5.Charlotte La Bouff, The Bachelorette.

This down South debutante deserves a debonaire match. 

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