15 Crazy Custom Cars Too Amazing To Believe

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Car builders might be the original mod community, they've produced some incredible creations over the years.

Passion, genius, and no small amount of time and money went into these 15 amazing custom cars. 

1. The Boothill Express

The 1850 Boothill Express came from legendary custom car designer Ray Fahrner's shop in 1967.

Built with a vintage horse-drawn funeral coach, the Boothill Express is powered by a Chrysler V8 engine that puts out 450 horsepower.  

2. The BMW Brutus

As seen on Top Gear UK, the Brutus was born when a few crazed engineers BMW slapped a V12 airplane engine onto a 1908 American LaFrance chassis.

What possessed them to do so remains a mystery, but this beast powers out 500 horsepower - not bad for a 510 kg monstrosity. Gas mileage is about what you'd expect: about 2.35 mpg.

3. The Neverwas Haul

Built for Burning Man in 2006, the Neverwas Haul is a three-storey Victorian house on wheels made from 75% recycled materials.

At 24 feet long and 24 feet high, the desert is probably the best place for this unique vehicle to roam.

For an event like no other, the Neverwas Haul is available for rent as a wedding venue.

4. The KISS Bug

Custom-built for a radio station promotion, the KISS Beetle turns heads wherever it goes.

It won't blow anyone away down the straightaway, but it also won't be hard to find in a parking lot.

5. The Blastolene Special

More commonly knows as Jay Leno's tank car, the Blastolene Special doesn't look much like a tank.

But this one-of-a-kind hot rod packs a Continental AV1790-5B engine - you know, the one used in the M47 Patton Tank, of course.

Built by glass blower and possible mad scientist Randy Grubb and later purchased by Jay Leno, the Blastolene Special puts out an estimated 1600 horsepower, which gets Leno back to his garage in about the same time as any other car in LA traffic. 

6. Crystal-encrusted Mercedes

All that glitters is not gold - in this case, it's the 300,000-plus Swarovski crystals adorning this Mercedes SL600. A legitimate excuse to wear sunglasses at night.

7. La Bestioni

Gary Wales saw the rusting hulk of a 1917 American La France fire truck sitting in a field near Sausalito, California, where it had been parked for 50 years, and decided to restore it.

Rather than scrape off all the rust, however, he instead turned it into a patina, including the "S. F. D." designation on the hood from its time with the Sausalitio Fire Department.

The La Bestioni sits on a wooden frame largely designed and built by Wales, and under the hood, there's a 16-liter, six-cylinder engine.

8. Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

Yes, it's obviously a marketing gimmick - it even has a Hot Wheels badge on the side - but when marketers decide to have fun instead of eroding our souls, good things can happen.

Based on the C5 Corvette, the Darth Vader car is actually road-worthy, so the Sith Lord can chase down rebel scum with a top speed near 150 mph.

Better still, the lightsabers along the sides light up red, and the car can make Star Wars noises, like Vader's breathing or the lightsaber turning on. The car has freaking lightsabers. 

9. Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

It won't impress anyone with its performance on track day, with a 2.2-liter, 270 horsepower engine powering it, but this custom job will surely turn heads.

Built in 2012 by Florida's Michael Vetter, the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle looks like nothing else on the roads.

It features both rear- and curb-height cameras to help prevent bumps and scrapes, gull wing doors from a Lamborghini, and an LED light system underneath for out-of-this-world displays at night.

Vetter put his creation up for auction on eBay in 2013, and it sold for $190,000. It's fully road-legal (at least in Florida), but driveways and potholes must provide a challenge.

10. The Hyundai 'Unhinged'

Hyundai commissioned British custom car builder Andy Saunders to make a car to help promote its inclusion of an iPod in every Hyundai I30.

So, naturally, Saunders cut an I30 in half, reinforced it, and added hinges so car show attendees could get right into the car and see the iPod inside. 

11. Dodge Viper Stretch Limo

Built by Custom Movie Cars in Las Vegas, the Dodge Viper Stretch Limo seems to be a simultaneous display of obnoxious wealth and another example of the trend of stretching absolutely any car into a limo.

Formerly a normal, first-gen Viper, the 25-foot convertible limo version can destroy the hairstyles of up to 12 passengers at once. 

12. Tracked Hummer

There are a lot of words for a Hummer on tracks: unnecessary, obtrusive, wasteful, ostentatious, and conspicuous come to mind.

But also: mighty, awesome, terrifying, and ridiculous. Unveiled at the 2008 SEMA show, this modified H2T features a rear spare tire for some reason.

13. Wooden Ferrari F50

Italian artist Livio De Marchi has made many incredible works in wood, his medium of choice, but few can rival his wooden Ferrari.

Built from 2,000 pounds of pine, De Marchi spent five months constructing his answer to traffic on the canals of Venice.

14. The Pininfarina Ferrari 512 Modulo, 1970

De Marchi's F50 wasn't the first wooden Ferrari; this 512 Modulo, designed by Paolo Martin, first appeared at the 1970 Geneva Motorshow.

The ultra-futuristic, UFO-like body was made of wood and fitted over the chassis of a Ferrari 512S. 

15. 1920 Graham Brothers (Dodge) Copper Car

New Zealand's Philip Lewis spent over 1000 hours pounding out the copper for this 1920 Graham Brothers car.

Although it's now in a museum, it once roamed the streets of Auckland, daring anyone to suggest.

"You can't catch me, Copper."


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