15 Couple Pranks You Should Totally Try on Valentine's Day

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Romantic relationships are built on love and trust. You have to accept and love your partner as a whole — for everything he or she is. Unfortunately, that is including his or her trickster side.

But what's more fun to do with your significant other than to prank them? The best relationships are the ones that involve planking wars from both sides. It keeps the relationship alive and fun, not to mention it keeps you on your toes 24/7.

Check out some of the funniest pranks pulled by couples down below. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for a Valentine prank.

1. When the new girlfriend claims she will never fart in front of you and then she finally lets one slip.

This calls for a celebration of course! Or it's just an excuse to eat butter-creme frosted cake.


2. What sex after 40 really entails.

I know its a photo, but I can basically hear that guy's laugh.

3. Wife texted her husband that she brought a "dog" home.

The picture she texts him, however, is a coyote. This is the most epic of all time!

4. How sweet, her husband leaves her notes whenever he leaves town for work.

Please keep in mind that it's the thought that counts. Bet it makes her LOL!

5. When your wife tells you she's pregnant and requests a toasty shower.

But seriously, what a waste of toast!

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