15 Completely Unrealistic Comic Book Bodies That Will Confuse You

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By their very nature, superheroes aren't supposed to hold any particular verisimilitude to you or I as actual people. 

However, it's hard for society not to internalize these idols as perfect physical beings. Over time, the unrealistic body images for heroes in comics have become more and more pronounced. 

Here’re 15 definitive examples of unrealistic body image standards in comic books.

1. Captain America

It looks like Captain America ate America. Yikes.


2. Enchantress

YOWZA, great job Rob Liefeld! Prepubescent boys love looooooooong legs! Really looooooooong legs! Like, so loooooong that the character must clearly have a crippling deformity! AAAAWHOOOOOOGAAAA!

3. Namor

Which has more muscles: Namor or the ocean? Answer: The Ocean. But Namor is still jacked as hell in this picture. 

4. Wolverine

What adorable little arms. Most people don't realize that Wolverine is actual based on a T-Rex. 

5. Avengelyne and Glory

And...both their backs are completely broken. Bummer.

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