15 Baseball Fails That Are Impossible to Not Laugh at

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You're always likely to see an epic fail at a baseball game whether it's in the stands or on the field.

From funny pitches, awful base running, and even playing with imaginary friends, it’s no wonder why baseball is and always will be America’s pastime.

Play ball!

1. Butthisface

Man, it doesn't even matter if I was safe on the play, I'd just walk off the field after that.


2. My Bad

Drilling the umpire with a pitch is not a good way to get him to expand the strike zone.

3. Faceplant

We don't think that's what the manager meant when he told him to try sliding headfirst.

4. The Agony of Defeat

What do you think hurts more, the fact that he got hit in the crotch or the fact that he didn't make the catch? Don't be ridiculous. If getting hit in the crotch is involved, it's always the crotch.

5. Best Foot Forward

There's such a thing as too much hustle, guy.

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